Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday I saw four movies--of which three i hadn't seen before. I started with Amelie and with the noble intention of learning french switched of the subtitles--for 3 minutes maybe. After that Trina came and gave me Wild Sheep Chase . Then i ate and started with Bitter Moon. I remember thinking it was intense after watching it, but don't remember much else--what i felt about the movie because the next movie and then the next were awesome. life changing kind of awesome (for me definitely). Before Sunrise was so refreshing, so delightful. The idea of the movie, the ACTING! That scene where they go into an old record shop and are listening to the record, half glancing at each other, smiling, not meeting each others gaze, how'd they do that? It's wonderful. Initially, i mean there was this anxiety/dread working in me "but its gonna end...just a bot more then gone". Then i got too caught up to remember--initially everytime they came to any building i thought they were going for the play, but ultimately i only remembered the play when Celine(Julie Delpy) spoke about it. I mean at some points i felt it was slightly dragging but that's mostly because i wasn't interested in/didn't agree with what the characters were saying. in certain bits i thought Jesse (Ethan Hawke) was very irritatingly American--but that's intended and that's there in Before Sunset as well. but that's just me--i judge and i'm perversely pessimistic---so had i been in some such situation i would only worry about time being so short and thereby forgo the enjoyment and i would judge the other person all the time...and now, after having watched it, if something like this ever happens (wishful thinking!<---that's what i'm talking about when i say perverse pessimism) i'll try to emulate the film and end up disappointed..but nonetheless it was worth it.

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