Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rant + Blabberwocky

Everything's getting to me. My apathy and laziness and faux depression. So i'm thinking i should get going. Since i'm not really interested in eng. lit. per se anymore (and therefore not interested in attending classes, taking tests, doing well in said tests, etc) i think i'll help restart the The Blab.

*chuckles* I can see the previous editors having heart attacks all over the place. Hawww an activist? What shall happen to our (very snooty and chauvinist) sense of humour? Shall the hallowed blabberboards only have posters urging people to adopt a kitten or a poor child from Singur? Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!

If noone else writes i will. And if anybody dares take it off they will have to pay for the paper and the ink. I swear. *noise of activist on warpath*


Monidipa said...

you want help with that, you just gotta ask. :)

precisely said...

Yay! The Blab will be revived :D

Insiya said...

i dont think anyone will remove anything you write.

KittyCat said...

oooh! niceee :) tenku tenku mandy child. let's just go on a writing rampage