Saturday, March 21, 2009


I think there is hope yet for the world. Look here:

Also, if anybody is reading this (and know me, however slightly) please answer this:
How can I have low self-esteem as well as being as judgemental as I am?

This heteronormativity thing is killing me. I wish the idea of sex as penetration wasn't hardwired into my brain. There are so many beautiful and smart women around who I can relate to. No men/boys, as usual.

Can't wait to get out, get going. New places, new people. Why don't I have money? (that was a rhetorical question. please don't bother answering that)

I am very sleepy. More translations. Measure for Measure. *waaiiiiils*

PS: Can someone explain what permaculture is to me? Can't get my head around it.


ahona said...

does permaculture have something to do with stupid women getting faux curls?

KittyCat said...

umm...'fraid not
something like organic farming

Monidipa said...

judgementalism and low self-esteem aren't contradictory. more often than not, they go hand in hand. you tend to judge yourself too harshly as well, besides the rest of the world.

and how is the heteronormativity killing you? you want to be lesbian/bisexual but can't find yourself being stimulated by it?

precisely said...

why this sudden interest in organic farming?

Anonymous said...

i don't think it is a sudden interest for kittycat. she has been interested in pesticide free eco-friendly and even your own health friendly things for as long as i have known her.

hack said...

i agree with you on what you call heteronormativity: there are, as usual, more girls than boys that i like. even boys i like are no match for the girls.