Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let go...Take control

Binaries rule my life. Dilemmas. Fractures. The need to move on and the need to hang on. Is everything so easy to forget? Should one, more importantly, forget so easily? Therefore michhimichhi dukkho bilashita for what might have been, what was and what isn't.

I am JD. I only want things that I can't get. When I have/get them I don't want them anymore. Somekind of childhood complex, refusal to grow up: a child's jyed. Stamping your feet and railing against an unyielding world. No one's sensitivity to injustice is greater than that of a child and of a child-woman (ergo, me).

Need a hard chitinous armour (like a cockroach's) to sheild my helpless being from the assault and battery of this indifferent world, from the nuclear explosions of hatred, misunderstanding and lovelessness. Didn't know you could be so cruel.

In the other news, Chimney has chewed and licked a piece of lebu clean in the past fifteen minutes and broken a vial of vitamin injection. I'll miss her.

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