Monday, April 6, 2009

Vignettes or, another bunch of things about me that you didn't want to know

I have realised I'm woefully uninformed about my own city. Must do something, quick-fast!

Kolkata is a village. Everyone knows everyone. Not only that, you always have a 50% chance of meeting a known person wherever you go (even if you are not Dhruba Ghosh). Varsha saw me at Crossword on Friday. I saw Jonny at Crossword on Friday. Insap saw me at Oxford with Ron on Saturday . So did Varsha. And I saw her too. Also, a cockroach. Creeping around the shelves that store cookery books, at one end of the Cha Bar. It occassionally flew down too. But I did NOT scream. Hardly cringed. And that's the truth.

I was walking towards the metro station along the Indian Museum pavement. I saw shirts and shorts being sold for INR 10, 20, 25 and 35. I got a shorts worth Rs 35. Because the man had already packed the Rs 25 stuff. And I didn't spot the 10 and 20 stuff till slightly later. Anyway.

I was wearing cotton pant (green, Fab India) and shirt (green, Fab India kids [8-10yrs], torn at the sides). At the Metro ticket counter the man asked me "kota tickit?" I held up a finger. He said, "tumi eka Tollygunge jabe?". Very patronising and all. I smiled and walked away. Nobody coiuld see the balloon swelling inside me. It's been a long long time since somebody mistook me for a tichy kid . Last time someone asked me which class I was in, was nearly a year back. People generally assume I'm in college now. Some shaheb even told me that i looked older than my 23 years. So, this, coming just days, weeks before, is wunnerful!

I'm not unhappy about the size of my breasts. No, i know, nobody asked, but just. Two of my (girl)friends once made jokes about that because i said, er, you know, that they(the girl friends, or rather, their boobs--not mine) were over-endowed. You are free to disbelieve me. But, seriously, how long can one obssess about breasts if one isn't a male of the human species? Or a newborn babe?

I have rediscovered my love for walking. Long long looooong walks. By oneself. With a camera. That is a new addition though. In school I was known as this crazy person who just walked-and-walked. I once made two of my frail and fay like friends walk from Park Circus to Landmark through Shakespeare Sharani in the midday heat of May. I don't think they have truly forgiven me.

I love it when my nose gets all sunburnt and brick red! It just happened once, though. On a trip to Singur when Ani was there with us.

I love the smell of old books. And new Penguin paperbacks.

I believe in VHEMT. But I would pop kittens out if I could. Kittens are soooooo adorable (not least because they learn to feed themselves and are toilet trained within a month of being born).

I don't believe in marriage. It's just taking permission from the state or society for sleeping with someone. And I believe who I sleep with can never be anybody else's business. So.

I'm enjoying being on my own, now. Yes, there are memory pangs and sorrow. But apart from that, I think i'm better on my own. I'm setting this down in writing in a public forum so that it prevents me from messing things up again. Basically I'm a loner. No use fighting that anymore. Must come to terms with and embrace it.

And yes, i know i take bad photos, mostly. But who cares? I like it. And I want to have a camera that takes nice photoos at night as well. Cameras are cheap in Nepal. *keeping fingers crossed*


Monidipa said...

you're going to nepal?

Insiya said...

i like this post. your first post that i have starred in my reader. :) it sounds kid of comforting in a way i cannot pin-point. and did someone tell you you take bad photos? in fact, when i was going through your photos i was thinking some are very good considering the camera you use. which is trash. go go. to nepal. and get nice cameras. or to thailand. and get cams at half the price at which you get them in calcutta. :(

Insiya said...

oh sorry, i checked and saw that i have also starred your hingali post in reader. :D

KittyCat said...

@mandy: don't jinx it woman...i don't actually know yet...but knowing me, probably not :(

@insi: :D

Oshtorombha said...

but bonti.. you take muchnice photos!

Also, fuck the state.
It calls my father Mr. Malabika Ray.

KittyCat said...

hahaha! yes i know about that. It was discussed in feminism class to much hilarity of all present.

Dhruva said...

Travel, mefriend! Travel! :)

ahona said...

I love your boobs. I am not joking.
I loved walking with you when I had been a swit child of 17-18-19.

Now that I am almost 21, I shall tell you that the sexiest times we have had alone. And that is only true thing I can think of. Also, you are a kutekittykat I love.

Go to Nepal and buy the camera.