Wednesday, July 15, 2009


oreeee baba!

Part of me is deeply upset and worried because I'm leaving. I'm leaving so many dogs and cats behind. I was nearly in tears yesterday. But then I cheered up having bought nice undies. AND, i also bought and used tampons. Yay!

Anyway, anyway. I'm going now. Pscking-shacking, etc.


Insiya said...

ok i read all your 10 days' countdown at one go just now. i hope i havent missed you. leaving today? have a nice trip. be safe. have fun. :)

Oshtorombha said...


and all the best. :)

mojo said...

don't worry bout the dogs at the university...
word verification screwit. :P

KittyCat said...

@ insi: what you mean: "i hope i havent missed you." ?

@ n and bhr: feed the dogs, please?