Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kashmir Diary: the beginning.

so. the 6th day in the city. why is noone calling me? am miffed. what a pointless post. i go blank when i have to pay for my internet. always. and it's sooo expensive, too.

So it's pretty hot here. Can't believe i submitted to my parents' demands for bring one shawl, a thick jacket, a light one, a muffler and two pullovers.

Food's so oily. But everyone's been rather nice about my veggie-ness. Though they tend to think I'm a veggie cause I'm upper caste hindu. And Kashmiris are afraid of prawns. they also think prawn is a kind of vegetable.

Just had a creepy (not-so-pretty compared to other Kashmiris but GOD in comparision to Bangalis) guy ask for my number. He said he was finding it hard to be a bachelor here. Anyway.

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mojo said...

oh please give him mine. i fancy kashmiri men. (my experience being limited to shal-wallahs)