Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shout Out Loud

Sometimes I want to scream out to the world. The attention whore that I am, it's difficult to resist temptation.

Onek oboshor ekhon. Being the Poojo grinch that I am. And also because I'm bekar, unlike you, you and you, ofcourse. I wonder if you read my blog. Actually noone does these poojo days. Everyone's busy.

That's a liberating thought. Writing in ether. Where nothing matters. I only wish.

In many ways Kashmir has set me free. I hardly have any (human) ties in the city anymore. Except for a couple of friends. I hope I meet 'em today. Long time since the lunch at Kimlee.

Ooof! Abar anjali hochhe. Ashojhyo!

What else? Had crappy-wappy food at Mainland China on Panchami. Not even mushrooms! Cooked dimer jhol a la Kashmir yesterday, my homealone day. Only, moshla toshla got burnt and alu had khosha unlike when I cooked in Kashmir. Hmm.

I was nostalgic for Kolkata food--even home food and especially street and street food in Kashmir, esp. Srinagar. I'm tired already of barir khabar (yech!) and having phuchka is no fun without some accompaniment. I wouldn't mind rajma, alu gobi, paneer bhurjee and dahi at Krishna Dhaba now.

When oh when will he come (for two days)? Hmph. The list of places to go in Cal includes: Amber, Tibetan Delight, Dhaba (chicken roll), Nizam (the one next to it anyway: beef kabab), Mocambo, Fire and Ice, Peter Cat, Olypub, Blue and Beyond, VP, Bhojohori Manna, Golden Bowl, Tangra, Kimlee, Shiraz, Zeeshan, Kookie Jar, Bancharam, Kalpana Sweets, KC Das, Sharma's. Did I miss anything significant?

Oooof! Ar amay kina ekhon dim sheddho khete hobe? Ki nidarun (a la Tenida)!

Should start writing soon. Maybe today.


ahona said...

verray excaaite!

word verification: bosisto

mojo said...

kobe tibetan delights/phuchka khabe bolo...accompaniment e ami achhi!