Friday, October 23, 2009


I must thank Cormac McCarthy. I was reading The Road on Rajdhani. It prevented me from being completely dehydrated by leaking from the eyes. Whenever i stopped reading i had to take refuge in the loo (which, mercifully was clean) to prevent public embarrassment. And from there i messaged all and sundry and irritated them to death I'm sure. ISD wallahs were and are safe since my phone doesn't have ISD enabled :(

On the taxi from the station i was distracted for a moment and nearly laughed when i misread a message on back of a car. It sayed Arpit. But i had read Armpit. Apart from that nothing cheered me: not even the Northern Railways sign at the station saying: Inconvynence Regretted.

Oh oh, and the zebra crossing near birla planetorium has an electronic display saying: Please walk on the crossover (or something to that effect. crossover i remember.)

the thing i''ll easily miss the most are cats. they can't talk or purr on the phone. followed by dogs wagging their tail at my sight. :( :(

shobai doya dakkhino koriya sympathetic comments koriben.

If you don't know how read Herbert by Nabarun Bhattacharya.

cf: bhalo kore ghumok, ghumolei shob thik hoye jabe


Arse Poetica. said...

Tum= dilli ki billi! :D

Arundhati said...

Well at least there shall now be some very well taken care of cats and dogs in Dilli.