Saturday, October 31, 2009

self evidently, a blog post

at a cyber cafe. some wedding party is going on outside. infernal noise created jointly by stupid women inanely wailing (i terribly want to slap their livers out) + jogojhompo band party.

it's amazing how many men and women still willingly submit to this kinda shit (not just marriage but the marriage ceremonies). riding horses (who go deaf from the amount of band party noise near their ears...where's Maneka Gandhi?) and riding on shoulders of poor men, and covering faces with paan pata and uttering mantras that they don't understand a word of.

thankfully my closest friends are not the marrying kind. which might well be the reason why i am close to them, in the first place. though i am sure there are many men+women who hold similar beilefs and are not my friend. self evident sentences. inserted in order to ward of unwanted overtures of friendship, perhaps? ah, what nonsense this is! my INR10/hour is nearly up. so, see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!


hack said...

i envy you right now. i would be glad to be righteously angry about something. and more people than you wish will bite the dust and cover their faces in paanpata and ride malnourished horses.

Elendil said...

I think there's something nice about ceremony, even for it's own sake. Nevermind if you don't understand every word of the mantra. It adds something to the feel of it all. There might not be virgins behind the paan pata, but they might still want to feel it's something other than just the average day, and all the pomp and ceremony creates that feeling, to some extent.

Just an opinion.

And of course, I don't condone the inhumane treatment meted out to animals in the name of ceremony.

KittyCat said...

there you go hack...people succumbing to temptations of silly ceremonies already