Friday, January 29, 2010

Horns of Dillemma OR Tanaporener Gutoni

I'm leaving for Cal tomorrow. I am nearly as pissed as I was radiantly happy yesterday. I'm going to miss the Delhi Bookfair. The Kolkata Bookfair with its increasing political paglami* doesn't somehow appeal as much. I guess it's the appeal of the novel over the age old (which do not often happen to me: I'm a conservative purist when it comes to buildings/architecture for instance). Before the going was decided, I was upset about not being able to burn midnight oil at Seagull, not being able to go to Singur, not being able to sterilise the male dogs, etc.etc. Now I'm apprehensive (and by Murphy, I know that it will come to pass) that I might miss a KLODBE walk, miss meeting a few Couchsurfers, miss a movie-lunch, miss this wonderful weather perfect for walks, etc.etc.etc.

But going to Singur, getting things started again, will be so good. Hoping fervently that nothing goes wrong THIS time.

*Buddhadeb Bhattacharya: We are concerned about our environment but it is very disturbing that so-called green activists of our state demanded that the book fair should be banned at the Maidan. Actually they wanted to stop the age old prestigious book fair which has been part and parcel of Bengali culture.

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hack said...

i was wondering how you felt about being linked as the 'sexy sadistic spanker' on my blog. it was the blogger handle that you had last.