Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ah. So today's like a flood of words.
This post is about Wimmyn. Wimmyn in my life. Wimmyn not in my life (ssssssssiiiighhhh).

Well, as I've realised only a short while back, It would have benefited me muchly had I been born in a man's body. You see, I only get along with gay men and straight wimmyn. Not only do I get along with them, I get along famously, I go on roguish romps (don't think dirty) with them. But I'd like to get it on sometimes, at least, you know.
However, that seems nearly impossible. So I only seem to get it on (and off) with moronic straight men. Don't misunderstand me, they're nice, sweet, decent through and through. But somehow, after spending some time in my presence, morph into some kind of horror (for me, not them or others close to them). The fault, I assure you gentle reader, is entirely mine. Mayhaps, they don't change, it's only a distortion of my perspectives. Yes, that's likely.

Anyway, I digress. So womyn. I have had entirely too many differences (ahem!) with some to wax eloquent like misogynist male poets. But I feel terribly lucky to have the wimmyn I have in my life. With the differences of opinion, in some cases.

So I raise the glass to my mum (innumerable differences and broken crockery) who has managed to fracture her arm a couple of days back and who won't be reading this blog. What kind of lady manages to take care of my five cats and five dogs (and often some more), is happy thinking I'm getting it on with my gay second cousin (in her defence, she didn't know he was gay), is unhappy that I refuse to think about marriage now that I'm 25, is happy if I 'think' about marriage but not get married until much later, is furious and heart broken having found a pregnancy test wrapper in my loo, has called me to ask me about her HS School Leaving Certificate yesterday, has fiercely fought for and taken care of various in-laws who were nothing if not hellishly shitty to her, has sacrificed her academic career for yours truly and yt's dad, and still manages to love me and pat the cats to sleep with the accompaniment of lullabyes? The answer must be some kinda super womun: super loving, super forgiving, loyal, courageous: my mum, in short.

Now to the womun who I want to be but can never be. I'm just glad that she let me in to her life, let me have a share in some part of her magical world. I can never express how I love her without sounding corny. Can't even begin to list the many many many million ways in which I owe her so much, owe her everything in fact. If I continue in this vein I might cause much embarrassment to the colleagues: men aren't equipped to deal with tears. Well, suffice it to say, my life has truly changed because of this perfect (even if completely loony) womun in so many wonderful ways. No guesses for who she might be. :D

Then there are girls from the past present and future. Where do I begin?

This year's love

The loony bunch who inhabit the office downstairs in Joo.
My BFF, the bestest gal-opal in the world, who's really a boy.
The one who can complete my sentences for me and with whom I can wallow in mutual misery (and occasionally fun, I admit).
The dog-loving one talking to whom is my only source of comfort in these troubled times.
The crazy indomitable ga(u)l who's opened her house, at much inconvenience to her, to me.
The young feminist who inspires me with hope :)
The little one who makes me worried and glad and happy and sad at the same time.
The oft revolutionary, sometimes self-possessed, always cigarette-smoking actress who's always there to point out when I'm rude and sympathise when I'm upset.
The one I admire above all, but seem to have fallen out with, somewhat.
The slightly younger ones with cameras and big hearts (especially when it comes to animals): they are the reason why I can sit tight knowing Foxy and the rest will be taken care of :)
Then there's the travelling, couch-surfing gypsy who I adore and admire.
And the kindly ones who are so far away yet never far from my thoughts. We have some great memories together (at least I think so!).

Right now I am in process of meeting new ones, and creating strong bonds of wimmyn-love. But that's part of the next-year's love series :)


Oshtorombha said...

aww. *hug*

storyteller said...

Ei post ta khub adorable :) thank you.

Reeti said...

:) thank you!

kaichu said...

thank you, re :-) i came across this, utterly unexpectedly, and it sort of has made my day :D

HUGS. i hope dillibilli is treating you well. ebar summer e ele hopefully dyakha hobe, tobe kobe ashbo akhono jani na.

btw tui kon office e kaaj korish? ki korish?

Trina said...

jah sala, missed this. mane, thanks. have a good year. hug. much love (slightly embarrassed, but smiling).

March Hare said...

awwwwww. i read this onekdin pore. but it warmed the cockles of my old heart.

hope you get your wish of farmhouse filled with animals one day.
and when you come down to this we will have much mod and much hoola dance.

(bear hug)

the soliloquist said...

Onek late'e post ta porlam. *hugs to the white knight of distressed animals* =)

Insiya said...

Ema! Ami! And we fell out?