Friday, June 4, 2010

Bikel, Hawa, Humayun Ka Makbara

Yesterday afternoon in Dilli was lovely: rain-cloud-darkened sky (no rain alas!) and breeze. Went to Humayun's Tomb. Walked around a bit. Then climbed up to the terrace(?). Stuck my nose up at the boorish bunch of visitors (everyone) with their chunnu-munnu-chnya-bhnya-s who were making enough noise to bring 'out' the dead. Then sat on the edge of terrace, looked down at the gardens (lovers lying on each others laps, idiot people splashing in the fountain and taking ridiculous snaps with their cell phones and labourers-mostly Bangalis-restoring/destroying the monument) through the sand stone frieze and sang (pretty beshuro-ly) rabindra sangeet and lalon songs.

Later at Inayat Khan's dargah I thought I heard feline sneezes. A and S were dismissive. But sure enough, there emerged a black kitten, a ginger kitten and their tortoiseshell mom from behind the potted plants. It's hard to deceive a feline afficiando of my stature, na? Except that they all ran away =(


hack said...

very nice. ar tintey beral i hnachchhilo?

Madhura said...

ki jaani...ek bari phinch-phinch kore keu ekta hneche chhilo.