Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Domesticated Animal, Among Other Things

Yesterday I got two magnets from People Tree. I've also made a list of things that I need to get which includes things like shoe rack, internet connection and cupboard along with wine glass, ceramic cups and lamp shades from Janpath.

I hate that three of my friends are in the mountains: Kathmandu, McLeodganj, Satauli.

I've to clean out my fridge. Wash clothes. Fold washed clothes in a civilized fashion. Fold up the bed in a way becoming of a 25 years old responsible person. Buy groceries. All this and more apart from the 1500 words introduction to queer movement in India. All of this before Saturday when I leave for ye old Calcutta.
When I come back armed with cooler, I shall start inviting people over. At least, I want to.


Spin said...

I'm inviting myself over.

Madhura said...

ekdum. chole ay