Saturday, July 3, 2010


I can't believe I didn't write about this earlier. But the greatest new book I've read for a while is The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing. It's the kind of book that gives me hope and validates my bumbling existence. It's a collection of short stories centred around one main character (except one story) which deals with love and relationships. Awesome I say! Soooo liberating in a lot of ways. Especially when this crazy drama is going on in my family: my cousin's getting married. She's three years older and works in Bangalore. But now my parents (cannot belieeeeeve it) are talking about marriage, MY marriage. Un-fucking-believable!

I bought 900 bucks' worth of bangla books, ekhan theke. Daryaganj is such a blessing in Dilli. I bought The Girls Guide for a meagre 20 bucks. It was almost absolutely untouched. Also Midlands (Aurobindo Market in Hauz Khas and South Ex) with it's year round 30% discount.

Also bought and read a whole lot of kid lit. Leon and the Spitting Image and The Diary of the Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules were the latest I read and were pretty awesome too. The first in the Wimpy Kid series I bought at the second hand bookstores off Golpark.

Read through most of Ei Mrityu Upotakya Amar Desh Na, collection of poems by Nabarun Bhattacharya, yesterday.

Ma-r shorir better, thank god. Ekhon phera niye shomoshya what with the bandhs and all: no tickets =/

PS: Since I've read The Girls Guide, I've been dying to tell someone one of the last lines from the book:

We're just two mayflies mating on a summer night.

Unfortunately, there IS no one I can say this to. =/

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Linus Kendall said...

Let it be summer soon! At least, European summer or Dilli spring. (though we're just two mayflies mating in on a Dilli spring night doesn't maybe sound as charming).