Monday, August 30, 2010

Abar Mash Khanek Badey

In Dilli. Trip to Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Kashmir in the offing (or, OFF perhaps).
Returned from Beeg Faat Tamil wedding in Pollachi with mild food poisoning. Aggravated same by eating at Kiecha (JNU). Missed office on Friday. Memory of the weekend a beet blurry...Oh yes cleaned up on Saturday for Ani's arrival on Sunday (now it's all back to being the same mess).
Oh yes. The biggest news update: a domesticated me (my shiny new avatar) fighting fungi and dampness armed with colleague's (borrowed) hair drier and istiri (mine own dear one). So I have scrubbed fungi off with sandpaper, rubbed anti fungal powder lovingly on walls and blow dried and ironed damp bits of the dewal. I've also boiled food diligently in the rice cooker and steamed packets and packets (more plastic alas!) of frozen sweet corn and served them with butter, beetnoon, dash of lemon, chat masala and pepper cheese spread (not always mixed together). I've also washed nearly 40% of the (humongous) unwashed heap of assorted garments in the past three days (when the sun deigned to show it's face sporadically) with the result now that there's no more water left in the tank. Last time this happened was about a month back when the MCD decided to not supply water to my area for four days straight. Bloody annoying, what.
In the other news I love having so many people over at my place. And because of these Calcutta/America wallahs, I'm getting to meet Dilliwalahs who are generally too busy to meet other Dilliwallahs.
I still haven't been to Mehrauli, Kashmiri Gate, Purana Quila, Lodi Gardens, Siri Fort, Travellers' Cafe. But I've been to Hauz Khas Village and Gunpowder: mee-oh-my!
Also, who hasn't seen Sita Sings the Blues, yet? Go die!


Insiya said...

Hey I have been to Kashmiri Gate (and to Majnu ka Tilla from there), Purana Qila, Lodhi Gardens, Hauz Khas (but Gunpowder closes at 3 and I reached there at 3.15 :(). But tell, where is Traveller's Cafe? Or are you talking about Kunzun? And also listen, NOW. WE. MUST. MEET. UP. Enough is enough!

Madhura said...

Ooof you industrious woman you! I enyyyy you.
Anyway, after office hours not good for you?

hack said...

having fun, are we?? x-(

Madhura said...

woman you think having to clean fungus from every surface and ironing clothes dry count as fun activities?

hack said...

well, you met a lot of people, didn'tya?

kaichu said...

amake meeeeeeet kor!!!!!

(aar insypoo keo :D)