Thursday, October 28, 2010


I cooked.
Bhetki Paturi (which I think must've tasted kind of bland)
Chhana-cheese-bread-cumin roundthings (fried) [greasy and bland]
Rajma (not bad. but used rajma masala: so cheating)
Raita (ok)
Shabur Panpod (really just fried them) [but it takes time to fry, even]
Fish Fry (just fried the stuff bought from CR Park)

Forgot to serve the ice cream with chocolate sauce. Forgot to buy any alcohol. But was giggly from Madera brought by S.

I don't know if I should regret the absence of photos or be glad I didn't enter FB as yet another cook-away-from-home-and-mar-haater-ranna.
Well, in the ultimate analysis I'm glad to be different: a cook who can't taste (some of the) stuff she cooks. And also, I'm glad to add, an occasional cook, stirring the pot when fancy strikes and when feeling particularly grateful for lemon tarts and pear wine =)


CheshireCat said...

Tao toh tumi koto kichu ranna korte paro.

hack said...

the chhana cheese bread cumin somethings were really nice, as well as the bhetki paturi.
anyway, what's wrong with being a fabulous cook on FB? i am also cooking oi maar haater ranna. one craves familiarity and to approximate the taste which one has grown up with. often not particularly adventurous. also, often very tyaltyale jhol which by no stretch can give you stomach upset because it's so mild.

Madhura said...

well, i cannot have mar haater ranna esp. tyaltale jhol anymore. and I have to invent stuff with veggies that i like. so maybe this is jaaast jealousy?

Mini said...

Post the pics of your dishes. They sound delicious. Thanks!