Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So I'm here. My body has started acting up. Guess first two days was too tired for it to matter when I went to sleep and all. Don't have much time now. But will try to make some sense/inventory list of the barrage of sensory (mostly visual) inputs I've had past few days.

Getting out of Schiphol was like getting out of the IKIA(! Tehran) airport. It's funny how so many cities/airports look the same. Underpasses with same kinda concrete blocks as in Dilli. The same kind of road dividers, miles of empty fields, punctuated by factories here and there as in Iran. It's depressing that becoming a 'world class city' entails giving up all the idiosyncrasies of a city.

Anyway but the landscape soon changed. Pretty houses and inviting wooded areas with biking lanes going through them cropped up as we sped towards Hague. In the meanwhile our van, from the church of Tabernacle of David kept playing songs with refrains like 'Alpha, Omega' 'everybody make the noise together: Hallelujah' 'Jesus is a mighty god', etc.

And fairly soonish we were at the ISS registering, eating raisined buns (I didn't drink coffee or carbonated drinks but brought back an apple and a can of 7Up for later use. They're still in the fridge). At the student welfare office we got a reusable covered plastic coffee cup: it's come in quite handy for me as a drinking glass. But I suspect I'm drinking less water than I should be because I don't have a bottle yet.

And so to hostel. My room was a pig's sty full of plastic wrappings etc till yesterday evening when I cleaned it up. I also bought plants (basil, rosemary and little pink flowers that I had in Lajpat and which later died in my absence) from the open market (which should be a whole new post with photos). So now most of the mess is stuffed up in closed cupboards and with plants on the window sill the room looks more inviting. Will have to buy tape and put up photos.

Sorry reader: I guess this is a pretty lame post. But shopping and cooking will have to be another post. And that pretty much comprises most of my activity here.

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