Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It's my first autumn. Never seen one before. It's beautiful. Also, right now, here, cold. And sunny. And early morning mists.

But this time of the year is always such periods of upheavals in my life. Beginning 2008 maybe? I don't remember 2007. But I remember the following year onward. Going through the archives would prove it. Three years.

I should write a post on Paris. Maybe I'll say it with photos for the time being.

Pity there is no Multi Drug Therapy for the ravages of time. (Click for bigger size)

Internet permitting I'll be able to post more photos in bigger sizes. Inshallah!


S.Mostafa Ahangarha said...

Great post. [except the last word]

S.Mostafa Ahangarha said...

Hoping to days of spring