Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mostly Potter

i go to sleep at 3-4 in the morning everyday...i have books now....should've thought about it and borrowed earlier...reading name of the rose...finished half blood prince (2nd time)....and dreaming about firang quite frequently....

i was wondering:
they celebrate easter/christmas at Hogwarts. which means:-
they are believing christians(?) so who's Satan? Was Christ a wizard (that would explain a lot of things...but wasn't he arrested by the ministry of magic?)? do they have other religions in the wizarding world? is Fleur (they talk about wedding at some church) Catholic (since she's French)? if so, and if the weasleys are protestant, what kind of church would they go to? how is a wizard wedding different from muggle wedding? are their ordained priests who are wizards? how do believing muggle parents feel about sending their children to learn magic? do the christian wizards display the same antipathy towards Muslim terrorists? what's their attitude (now and in the past) about colonisation?

and here's the judean fan's-fiction i quite enjoyed reading....wish they were in proper order, though

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