Friday, December 18, 2009

Live Fried Fish

Just watched this.

And all those people who believe i take self righteous pleasure by criticising others' meat eating practices are so wrong. Just like in this case, though I wouldn't ever beat a bear to death doesn't make me feel smug about its death. It takes nothing away from the horror of this being committed at all. No matter by whom.

And instances like these often become an excuse (look at the comments section on Youtube) for legitimising racism. Cruelty does not depend on ethnicity or race. Just remember the slave trade everytime you try to establish your white/pro-anglo-american superiority over the Chinese or the Assamese.

And just as in everything, our attachment with our mainstream-ness makes us blind to our own cruelties. So eating fish is fine even if it has gasped for hours for oxygen after being hauled out of water. Talking about the merits of fresh fish ('ekdom jyanto chhilo') is fine. However if the Chinese do anything its immediately alien and inexcusable and we start questioning their humanity. When the Nagas eat dogs it's always cruel. But when we lick our chops thinking about 'kochi pantha', it's fine. Hypocrites!

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