Monday, December 28, 2009


I like to think of nostalgia as that irritating grain of sand or dirt that is then coated and smoothened into a beautiful, treasured pearl. The years in JUDE, as a friend put it and I completely agree with, wasn't all that mother-of-pearly to start with: "yes, i was depressed on and off throughout and extremely directionless, but the freedom i took completely for granted. that i miss."
But yesterday's memories : yellow-mellow-winter-sunshiney will always remain that: ushnotar chhnoya. Perhaps because they will remain memories of memories of nostalgia.

Talking of memory, how do the memories of cats function? I'm sure Hulo recognizes me, but he still doesn't demand affection with his eyes half closed and baring his belly towards me :(
And while Shada ran away from me the day I returned, once night fell he was lodged firmly on top of my belly covered by a woollen blanket purring away as if I was just in the other room all this while. Cats! They can bend us, at will, like their twitching tails.

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