Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cats and other things

So met such a snooty cat today. It was happily washing itself sitting inside a closed art gallery on top of a pile of canvases. I was watching it for about a minute when it became aware of my gaze (I think it was a she: hulos are less snooty, I think). It looked up and looked at me through narrowed green eyes very offendedly, like some royalty having caught a voyeur in the act. We were in a staring match for at least 5 minutes when she decided she was paying me too much attention and stared at another direction. And she just refused to look at me again. after a while she changed her position, came to rest n her front paws and closed her eyes very decidedly. I mean i did notice that occasionally a little crack would open to check whether I was still there or not. Clearly wins the award for the snootiest feline I've encountered.

In the other news Howard's economics class was pretty fantastic whereas the potato soup at the canteen was...Well, it was like watery and lumpy mashed potato. Oh and someone praised my outfits, so woohoo!

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