Wednesday, September 21, 2011

End of another day

So fresh spaghetti is nice. Enough. Only added too much honey to the sauce. Tomorrow am relatively free. So must sort out the jungle that is room and the forest that is the fridge.
Went for a film on the eve of world peace day. Didn't like it much. Dunno why. Except that I guess I'm a cynic inveterate.
Bought halloumi (from Kelly's and a mini Turkish market. The latter was cheaper). Mint plant, thyme plant. (somebody stop me from buying more plants. I now have about 11 I think). Tampons, perry (pear cider), dried dill, potato, Quorn, two pens (bright pink and bright turquoise ink), double sided sellotape. So Piet Hienstraat is very nice. It has an Iranian resaturant with kookoo sabz for 6E I think. Also Crunch cafe (as recommended by M.A) seemed nice and cheap-ish. Here's the menu:

Also their coffee seems ethical. Not that i drink it, but that's a huge plus as far as I'm concerned. Just if I had books enough to read. I would go there and spend my afternoons. Sigh. There's also apparently a park on that side of the, erm, neighbourhood. Also I bought a hanging pot from a second hand store today: the first time I've seen them open. It was 1E. For my ivy :)

I've been hanging up some photos today (more like sticking them up). It's so strange to think Hulo's no more. He's been such a presence: so stable, always there. Not like the others: getting into scrapes and all: just there. Almost like a benevolent presence. The most well mannered cat, the most motherly of all toms. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bring all these photos. So many absences in my life when I look at them.

Yes, I'm all PMS-y and weepy this week. Just weepy I guess. PMS is the easy excuse to foist on it. Never been very PMS-y. I'd really like to write about my classes as well. But hmm...then I'd have to make it a more private blog.

I haven't written much about the sort of inner life, mindspace since coming here: just the externals, things bought, seen, etc. Maybe because i hadn't much time to sit and reflect. It is a huge change. But usually i don't feel their impact so. Dilli for instance wasn't this humongous transition that I was sweating and panting under. Somehow. It's easier for me than most people. Of course sometimes I miss things, people most of all. I had this idea that I would want to have a life separate from the institute, I was coming live and work (and study) in Europe. And ISS would only be one part of it. Well, I guess there's no escaping it. Might as well try and go out evenings in a group instead of trying to study and failing miserably. I'd really been keen on inviting people over for dinner. I must work on that and set it into motion. First step, is cleaning room.
Aaargh and readings! I should really get together and form a study group. Otherwise I'm just trying to wade knee deep through academic muck and sinking deeper in. =(
Feel a little sorry for me folks and do leave some replies? *sniff* I feel forgotten *bawls*


Insiya said...

E baba. Don't bawl. I have been enjoying you recent posts. Keep them coming. :)

Linus Kendall said...

Ah, all that halloumi that you have such readily access to. It is me who should bawl. Cheese is the only benefit European-lands have over the subcontinent. Now if only I could square the climate impact of having dairy products. Maybe will have to transition to tofu full time instead.

Cider be alkoholish? Very nice shopping street it sounds.

Madhura said...

Cider has been left in fridge overnight after opening. Not know what state it is in. A whole bottle is a bit much for me, I think.

hack said...

arreh, i enjoy your posts too. have a good time. porashona niye chaap niyo na. anyway, deadlines loom korle it will be a nightmare this way or that, so might as well enjoy the free time.

kaichu said...

amio pori tor lekha. please aaro lekh :)

mwah mwah.