Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Things I bought yesterday at Sunderban Supermarket:

coconut oil (produced in Sri Lanka and with 'narkel toilo' written on the label in Bangla)
Lijjat papad
muri (E4.9)
Haldiram aloo bhujiya
cumin powder
whole masur
ginger-garlic paste (from Karachi. labelling in many languages including Dutch. also, 'halal'!!?)
red chillies

What I'm doing now:

Reading MJ biography on wikipedia and watching This Is It instead of studying Foucault.

What I miss:

People. From back home.
Cats. Dogs. Stray animals.
Eating out. JNU. Bougainvillea.
Films at IHC. Khan Market. Lodi Gardens.
Old camera.
Composting. Home cooked pasta. Baking
Mountains. Monuments.

What I'm glad of and upset about:

People not writing stuff like 'Madiiiiiieeeee! xoxo' on my FB wall. Same thing really. I'm kinda upset people don't do it and kinda glad that people don't. 50-50.


Insiya said...

Incidentally, what did you do with the old camera?

Word verif: nomoma

hack said...

i think xoxo is cute

Madhura said...

Old camera's back home. I think i'll ask someone to bring it to me if they're coming this way...