Monday, October 24, 2011

written in a state of slight inebriety

So I filched some filter paper and marijuana (left unattended) at bar top at the oldest 'coffee shop' in Den Haag.
And I'm very happy :)
Slightly sloshed kind of happy. But yay! for TJ and all the flash mob ideas. Feminism zindabad!
What else? It's kind of fun to observed stoned people in a legal, normalised setting. Come here and we'll go to coffee shop together and just drink beer and have fun at the expense of the junkies and junky-drunkards.
I mees you Kaichu, Bob and Ani. Wish you were here now. *bear hug*

PS: Got invited to a random Halloween Party. will upload photo of (v. interesting) invite, later. Must.Go.Sleep.


kaichu said...

Saw this ekkhuni, maddymine. I mees you too :((

*bearhugs right back*

PS upload halloween invite chhobi!!

Bob said...

Maddy!!!!!! AWWWWWWW!!!!!!! aamiyo toke khoob miss kori!!! Also, toke konodin bolini, but toke BODDO admire kori. BODDO.
There are few people of our age, in fact, jader I admire as much as you. yeh baat mere mon mein vahut dino sei tha, aaj bekabu hokaar val dala.