Saturday, November 12, 2011

Post: after a while

Hmm. Haven't visited this patch in a while. Meanwhile Paris happened. In full technicolour not Cartier-Bresson-esque grainy b&w or even A Bout de Souffle. Disappointed, must admit. But reinvigorated and bitten (haaaard) by the travel bug.
So favourite places in Paris would be Pere Lachaise (didn't spot any famous dead ones though and kinda upset about missing Wilde) and the Mosque(e de Paris). Also some lesser known musuems. And the 'manifestations'. And the people I met. My generous hosts and Camille and her crowd (including her cat). Met a number of Bangladeshis and one racist South Asian who in the 19th arrondisement asked me in (Hindi/Urdu) "itne sab kale kale darr nehi lagta?"
Went on photography overdrive. Especially in the musuems I became obssessed with recording every detail more than seeing things. Need to go again. Also to Berlin. And Bosnia (can anyone tell me a cheap way of getting to Sarajevo there?!)
Walked around Rotterdam today. Liked it very much. Missed cammie (camera). Want to go spend a night in the tents with Occupy Rotterdam peeps. Lessee.
Now let' sjust hope Begun gets well soon and my visa comes through *fingers crossed*

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