Monday, November 14, 2011


So I deactivated my account. I feel liberated. But now obviously I cannot (after such a public announcement) get back on before at least a month. Hopefully the addiction will be gone by then. And won't be there to distract me right in the middle of exams. Woohoo!

On the negative side, how am I going to let people know about the film screenings and so on? Guess will have to delegate that to someone else. Don't see that working very well. The control freak that I am. :-/

Goodbye world! Well, I have been told the world will leave me far behind as a result of my actions. Also that I should go into anger management and group grieving sessions (whatever they are). As long as it's in a group the insurance pays for it. Gawd! Group counselling? Reminds me of that sketch from Big Train where Simon Pegg plays a therapist and asks his group to let outall their anguish through screaming. Then he goes behind the room opens a hole in the wall looks at them groaning around the floor and says "you fucking twats" (or summat) while sipping his hot beverage (not sure if tea or coffee. also assuming that it was hot).

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