Saturday, February 18, 2012

Food for thought

Why do I always burn rice, these days? I wonder. But I'm absolutely hundred percent certain that I will never ever again miss burnt rice, that's fo' sho'.

Finished The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear yesterday. All in a day's work. Reminded me a bit of Hitchhiker's. Though no comparison. Dunno if I'd've thought differently if I read it in the original German or paid more attention to deciphering the puns with patience instead of hurtling along the book like through a dimensional hiatus.

Funny thing is I must have read bits about it somewhere. I certainly remember the carnivorous island the dimensional hiatuses and Querty. I wonder where. A translation of excerpts from Sandesh? Who knows. But I know the book beckoned to me from the shelf the moment I saw it (@ the second hand book store, what a marvelous place!). In spite of the 5 euro tag I bought it. I instinctively knew it was a genius of a book. where oh where had I read a review? The memory is smugly blank on these mysteries. It chuckles through the grey pall of Moloch-like obscurity: there's always a possibility of blue sky beyond (where I'll know where I read excerpts etc) but that's a strictly theoretical one.

Anyhoo I have a Agatha Christy to turn to now. Oh and if any Wodehouse fans want rare school stories/laughing gas in bounded crumbling yellowing first edition volumes then I (along with the aforementioned bookstore) am your woman.


Spin said...


Kingshuk da had a copy of Captain Bluebear which we used to pass around, maybe you read bits from there?

Madhura said...

I is coming in June. Can bring then.