Sunday, February 12, 2012


A hot shower can put a new perspective on things, I find. Unfortunately, you can only take a finite number of hot showers per day. The environmental costs can't be scoffed at [and away] either.
I'm typing with my left hand. Dunno what implications that'll have on ze back.
Just 3-4km of walk yesterday and i still feel like daggers are shoved into my spine. Doesn't bode well.
Neither does the weather. Unremittingly gray with the promise of sleet. Wish I'd risked my fingers and taken snaps of the snow covered, sunlit woods.
I can already feel the pregnant promise of another fruitless day.
Stommach's complaining: but since the dorm doesn't have a venita cucini [though looks like a modular kitchen] it's hard to motivate oneself to cook. Hard enough climbing out of the duvet into an unheated room.
Think I'll lie in and dream my fragmented dreams a bit more.

PS: Circumstance has got to be one of the worst films I've seen in a long while


kaichu said...

the fragmented dreams bit sounds nice, re :-) I've been doing some dreaming of my own.

Madhura said...

why have you disaprud from facebook? whaaaaiiiii? *sobs*