Thursday, July 10, 2014

This blog is dead. Long live the blog.

Facebook has made me seemingly unable to write anything but snarky one liners bound to get a couple of likes, no more. So am determined to make a valiant effort. To defeat the facebook persona which has exceeded and taken over who I am. To the extent that sometimes I am afraid to be anything but a prolific sharer of political, funny-nerdy, catty stuff.

So I miss Netherlands. Imagine telling me this when I was living in den hagu? I would have laffed. But I miss my room in Dorus. Lying in bed looking at the glorious blue skies--sigh, how memory deceives: mostly gloomy as hell skies--and listening to the quiet being broken by shrieks of gulls and occasionally fellow students (yeah, student housings are weird places). I miss making meals three times a day--and putting on nearly 10 kilos and not fitting into any of the blouses come graduation day--to avoid studying. Falling asleep to Dexter and House on the laptop or Alex Turner's melancholia inducing soundtrack from Submarine. I miss living by myself just for myself--not having to think of others' needs wants desires. Doing as I please: letting my room resemble a battlefield of discarded clothes, shoes and printed articles or cooking elaborate Jamie meals for me. Going by Kelly's (expat shopping) to pick up a bottle of Hopping Hare or Bulmer's pear cider just for me. Going by the wednesday farmers' market to pick up the extremely expensive wild mushrooms for some outlandish Jamie dish requiring 40 ingredients: pied a bleue or some pink oysters. Going by the fancy veggie shop to pick up 250 grams of cherry (finished in an hour) or blackberries or exotic silver onions and fresh borlotti. Going by the Turkish store to pick up haloumi and stopping on the way back at Damocles finding the sudden treasure of 13 and 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear, almost new, at €5.

Of course these are things that come to mind looking back. Then I was living in my head: holding imaginary conversations discussing the merits of Hopping Hare with Simon, the rare find of Satanic Verses with Linus and that cumin gouda is a good addition to risotto (he will have a fit!), telling PC about travel to Spain accompanied by Bluebear and so on.

And the same lifestyle: having nothing to do and watching series constantly, here, I ascribe to depression. Oh Calcutta and lack of jobs, whittling away my desire to change, sustain things I do slowly but surely.


Anonymous said...

Shon, this is lovely. Write more often. I did after such a long time, in unrelated statements, one after another, as I do these days.


Madhura said...

eki tomar blogger account kothay gyalo?

Anonymous said...

I changed my address so I could write what I want.