Sunday, March 24, 2019

I Dream About

Gelato. Or at least I did yesterday. I dreamt about this tiny gelato place in a corner of Galle Fort. They would do lots of local fruits (jackfruit, tamarind, mangosteen) as well as traditional stuff like passionfruit sorbetto, salted caramel, pistachio etc.

The combination of mangosteen (sour and fragrant from the bright green specks of lime zest) and tamarind (salty-sweet, coconuty thanks to use of coconut milk) was the best. Lick one side and quickly slurp up the other side melting under the hot tropical sun.

Ice creams are such an incredible experience (when good: let's not talk about coconut and pandan onna stick from the night markets here). Ye gods of gelato, cant ca have a few good shops here making fresh mangosteen and passionfruit magick?

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