Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Day 21

of self isolation. Avec cats. With avec. Ados. Very French.*

A little over a year since I posted here and the world has changed. Life is a melange of online meetings, missed deadlines, sanitising door knobs and catfood containers delivered at doorstep. Only cats continue like always: asleep during the day. Gratified, certainly to have the opportunity to often disrupt goings-on by walking over laptop and getting belly scratches. And awake at night and upto no good. Between constant rage, anxiety, panic attacks, exhaustion, joint pain and overeating (with a side of bloating) there's no time. Even in this time of supposedly a surfeit of time.
It's nice to see faces of friends and family. Zoom dysfunction notwithstanding.
I grow older, with cats and belly fat. Cheered on by friends who always remain geographically separated. Everything has changed for the world. The country partitioned starkly into haves and have nots. Somethings--like cat purrs and the smell of ghee on hot rice--remain unchanged. I hope this government (these governments) goes (go) and we all find peace before we crash and burn out, extinguishing this beautiful blue planet.** 

*smartarses this is a Pterry ref. I don't think avocados come from France.
** too much Cixin Liu

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